Issue 200

Issue date: September 2010

Download Issue 200

Arthur Oppenheimer: Letter To The Editor: Response to Dr Sylvie Schapira Article in SJN Issue 192 (Dec. 2009)
Community: Brighton and Hove Jewish Welfare Board, Worthing Jewish Community, Hastings Jewish Society, New SouthTogether Initiative , Eastbourne Hebrew and Progressive Synagogues, Ralli Hall, Helping Hands Bus Competition, Coffee Morning for Macmillan Cancer Support, AJEX, The Arts Beat
Analysing the Current Situation Gaza by Carolyn Davis
Bedouins, Ben-Gurion University and Brighton by Sam Barsam
Developing Art in Young Children by Penina Efune
JTrails Tour of Jewish Brighton & Hove
Culture: JACS, Ralli Hall Jewish Film Club, Anton Chekhov Plays, reviewed by Cecily Woolf
Synagogue News including Chief Rabbi’s Rosh Hashanah Message
Community Calendar
New Year Greetings 5771

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