Issue 194

Issue date: February 2010

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  • Association of Jewish Refugees
  • Does Jewish-Christian Dialogue Really Matter? by Jack Pigden
  • Brighton (Maccabi) Beach Memoirs by Ivor Sorokin
  • A trip to Trieste by Cecily Woolf
  • JACS by Nina Taylor
  • Mr & Mrs Klezmer: the Polina & Merlin Shepherd interview
  • Music Reviews: Los Desterrados; Wally Brill; Abayudaya; Shalom Feivel and Rocky
  • Mountain Jewgrass; Alan Soberman; Dan Nicholls and Eighteen and more
  • Profile of Local Musician and Songwriter Jules Porreca
  • Portraits for Posterity: A Photograph Exhibition: Ceska Abrahams; Alfred Huberman; Sara Perez

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