The Brighton & Hove Jewish Community Since 1766

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Brighton Pier, completed by Sir John Howard in 1899

While OJS has the ambitious aim of eventually covering all of the UK, we’re beginning with Brighton & Hove, a community which in 2016 celebrated 250 years of Jewish life on the South Coast with the volunteer-led Brighton Jewry 250: An Anthology of the Brighton & Hove Jewish Community 1766-2016. You’ll find this compendium on this web site – to which we welcome your comments and additional material.

You’ll also have access to Sussex Jewish News, which has been published for 25 years. It contains a rich resource of local information and is a compelling chronicle of people, places and events over the decades that should pique your interest and prod your memories.

Digging deeper, we’ve also partnered with a number of neighbouring institutions which contain rich veins of historical source material: The Keep (formerly the East Sussex Records Office), the Brighton Museum, the Department of German-Jewish Studies at the University of Sussex and the Screen Archive South East.

Add to this a growing range of social and oral history projects including Jtrails, My Brighton & Hove, Research Roots and others that we aim to highlight as they become known to us. In so doing and we hope to convince you that your story, your account, your memories and your interactions with Jewish life in Brighton & Hove are worth submitting for consideration.

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